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(Extracted from

About Bezzera

Who else knows and makes better espresso machines than the inventor? BEZZERA was found in 1901. It's named after the founder of the first espresso machine made in the world. Bezzera is the oldest Espresso machine manufacturer still existing today and it's runned by the same family of machinist.

Continuous innovation and modern transformations have not changed the philosophy and tradition of the company, which proudly maintains its complete production line in its own facilities. They are probably the most sophisticated factory in the world that can produce espresso machines from metal sheets & ingots.

The Factory

The company is characterized by a modern production facility in Italy and 70 employees, still run by the Bezzera family. Components and finished products are designed and manufactured on site, through the use of state of the art continuous cycle robots and modern numerical control machinery.

About Expobar

In 1964/65 Rafael Olaso Peirò began importing exclusive, innovative and necessary products from Italy for developing the hotel- and restaurant market in Spain.
In the 80s, he started constructing an espresso machine which bore the same name as his company and presented his espresso machine “Expobar” to the Spanish market. Subsequently he began exporting to Europe.

About Quamar

Quamar S.n.c. was established in Altivole, north-eastern Italy, by Mirco Martignago and Luca Quagliotto in 2000.
The company gained recognition immediately and was the appointed supplying partner for the leading brand in the market.

In 2005, Quamar decided to run independently and started producing products of their brand. They expanded in 2010 and begun to build all components in-house or, in some particular cases, to outsource them from local companies, which guaranteed direct supervision over each processing step.

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