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I used to do fan review here, and my last fan review was 4 years ago before it suddenly stopped. It stopped because I stumbled upon a Gentle Typhoon AP15, which was still relatively unknown here at that time.

I stopped because I knew the design is way beyond it's time. It basically blew everyone out of the water and no fan will ever come close to it for the next few years.

It's been 5+ years since it was released and everyone's still recommending it. That's how good it is. No other fan and their "cutting edge" technology still come even close to the performance and build of the GT-15 after so long
Yes! Totally agreed! GT came from no where and destroy the competition in the noise and speed, and it just looks so plain, without the sleeving and pwm and silencing pads.

But the GT build is also so strong that i cut my fingers a few times and the blades and hub still spinning quietly.

Fan Testing Round 12 |


That would be a tie between the Gentle Typhoon AP-45 (2150) and the Noiseblocker E-loop B12-4 (2400RPM) model. I measure roughly 72hz(2160RPM) from the GT and about 77hz(2310RPM) coming from the NB. So despite the RPM advantage the GT is still producing the same air flow through the radiator which is a tribute to itís very pronounced and curved PQ curve.


The Gentle Typhoons retain their crown on this criteria and really shine at very high speeds, but that differentiation does drop off as speed decrease.
The Noiseblockers e-loops also have an interesting noise quality and perform really well at speeds below about 1500RPM. At the 400FPM and 500FPM performance levels by ear I have a hard time telling the difference between the GTs and the Noiseblocker B12-3. The smoother noise quality of the Noiseblocker almost seems to make up the different in noise level. The Corsair SP120 also does fairly well on noise level and consistently so throughout itís speed range, itís just not as smooth in noise quality as the NBs are at slower speeds, but it does hold itís up at higher speeds. None are even close to the GTs at really high speeds though where the GTs have upwards of a 10dbA noise level advantage.

Overall. I was a bit surprised by the Noiseblocker e-loop B12-3 at the mid speed range, very good noise quality makes them competitive with the GTs. The cougar fans seem to do well at very slow speeds, but they are a bit limited in higher speeds and didnít do as well as I hope based on forum comments. The Noctua NF-F12s do well at very slow speeds, but very poor at the higher speed relative to the forum comments. I donít understand why they are so often so highly recommended except I know of a few reviews done out there without proper tools that are likely spreading bad information as usual. The corsair SP120 fan also surprised me a bit. It did seem to do a little better in noise quality than the H100i fans, but itís not as strong a performer in noise level as many forum recommendations seem to convey.
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