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Japan Nom Nom Thread

Since there's already tons of threads & posts on various travelling related topics, i thought i'll do up a nom nom thread

From my most recent trip to tokyo, as previous trips are all videos taken hence unable to post it here

3 of my MUST EAT snacks whenever i'm in tokyo -

This fried chicken is kinda special, as i've never had anything like it. It's skinless chicken deep fried without much batter BUT it's still crunchy!! i have no idea how they did it.

I think they have a few stores thru out tokyo, but the one i go to is near the Tokyo skytree along the road going towards the store selling Skytree Don

this...... is the most heavenly cream bun i'll ever have in my life.... must eat .. they have few outlets. One of it at JR Shinagawa but this one i got is from JR Akihabara

Lastly... it's this meat croquette over at Asakusa (near sensoji). I have no idea why but i find it extremely tasty....
The one beside it wasn't there last year, iirc. They are selling those soft curry bun that uses kobe/black beef. But i find it too salty to my liking

If you're thinking of having Mac, i suggest trying First Kitchen..... Wa.... the BEB (bacon egg burger) is really nice. They use those soft buns (similar to mac fillets') and the sauce is not too salty. However their mentaiko isn't that fantastic though, i've tasted better.


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