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Stick & Spoons (no english menu)

Let me just say that the meat actually felt like it melted when i took my first bite. Seriously...... it really did....

They have set meal which comes with salad & drinks but i opted to have rice instead.... the sauce goes very very well with the rice...

Located at Ueno area ( a small street beside ameyokocho )

Mentekiya which is already much talked about... same standard ( and of cuz same length of queue ) - like the ramen, do not like the queue but well, was there for another reason --- the Kitkat concept store

Blacows, which serves burger with patties using 100% Japanese Black Wagyu.
My verdict - the bun 9/10 , sauce 8/10 and the beef 8/10 (cuz their beef can't beat the one i had at Stick & Spoon)

They also have a counter over at Tokyo Station Daimaru food hall now


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