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no melon bun ?

I've thought to myself, a lot, why oh why there's a limit to how much food i can down in a day

Oh and to satisfy any crab cravings would be @ the usual Douraku ( LUNCH IS MUCH CHEAPER)

As i was wondering the streets at night, i came across this restaurant selling handmade udon. Not really crowded even though it's dinner time, BUT i am really glad i gave it a try.

It's self service style, where u choose the type of udon you want (between 250-480 ) then you can move along the counter to pick up various tempura they have laid down buffet style......

Wa..... really, 3 words to describe the udon - Jin Ho Chiak
The tempura - is so so but still a commendable 7/10

PLUS it's kinda cheap! The receipt you saw is for 2 bowls of udon plus that plate of tempura which includes 2 ebi

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