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I dug up some links to help others reading this:

1) Kin no tori kara

2) Hattendo

3) Asakusa Menchi

4) First Kitchen
Nice!!! you're very resourceful

Let me add some links to a few places really worth the calories, but no pics since most of mine are videos

Kurori Ramen (i give it the same rating as fuunji & Mentakiya) - nearest station is Ichigaya

Minoya restaurant which serves sakura nabe (horse meat) Nearest station is Morishita Station which is just a short walk, there's a takoyaki stall just at the cross junction of the row it's situated at

Everyone do share the nom nom you've had. While i was there last week, came across 2 "pasar malam"

This is actually streak of bacon (beef/pork) wrap around rice on a stick


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