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Another bro mentioned vpntraffic is good. Tried a 3 day trial and it's total crap.
That's cause you aren't connecting to the right servers They only give you 1 or 2 server address then assigned you to their highest priority server, if that server is full, they'll switch to another.

Haven't used VPNtraffic for a month (always on Astrill as they give 2 connections now), by memory there are 4-5 US servers, only 2 are good (can be as fast as Astrill). China server there are 3 I think, 1 that's most assigned to connection sux, the other one is fast but unstable (at time even faster than Astrill via US connection), the last one least assigned to but decent speed (faster than Astrill direct China connection).

VPNtraffic China (direct)

Astrill China 1 (via US)

Astrill China 2 (direct)
So slow it doesn't even load speedtest well.

VPNtraffic US

Astrill LA (World)

720p streams normally you only need 5mbps, so for streaming movies purpose, VPN traffic is sufficient on off peak hour. Peak hour will depends.

Edit: Tested VPNtraffic US on another server

For record, I'm using M1 200mbps fibre

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