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The question is when you meet your prospect and assuming they are unaware of BTIR, have you attempted to educate or inform them that they have a better way of doing it?

One does not really need to know how to invest. It's a no-brainer, passive way of putting away the extra money into something with better yield.
What if I told you I did? Would you believe? Lets not get into unnecessary discussions on the ethics of people in this industry.. Everyone reserve their rights for opinions but do not judge others because of your own perspective.

I hope this forum could be a place where discussion goes around for people to have better idea in what they do, not a place where everyone judge unnecessarily. If you feel offended, I'm sorry but that will also mean I'm spot on.

And if investments is really like what you've said, no-brainer, there will be no poor people anymore. Why would people still go bankrupt because of investment?
"Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind."
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