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Question [ADVISE]: Part-Time Diploma In Infocomm & Digital Media in NYP

Good Day,

I am seriously considering going for the Part-Time Diploma In Infocomm & Digital Media (IT Network & System Administration) offered by NanYang Polytechnic.

I am already in my 40s and wanted to have a local diploma so that I can apply for a job that I am interested in school (non-teaching) or hold a better position in most MNCs.

Although I have a bit and pieces of 15+ years of experience in IT industry throughout my career, I cannot get or hold the job I want or desire in the IT industry due to my educational level. Because of that, I have not developed good skills for better jobs. I hope once I completed my diploma, I can changed that and broaden my limited skill sets.

Please help give advises on this course if you are currently taking or completed and share your experience here.

I currently holds a Higher NITEC In Network Security Technology with an average GPA 4 but applying for my ideal and dream full-time diploma (Diploma In Network Systems & Security) is not possible as I have studied in Poly before but withdrawn/not completed (family and financial reasons) many years ago and recently as vacancies for this course are extremely limited and I will be at the bottom-end of the list when comes to the selection process for Poly regardless of my GPA score.

So if I will to try to apply for a full-time diploma that matches closely with the Ngee Ann Poly Diploma In Network Systems & Security with less strict and more vacancies available course will be NanYang Poly Diploma In Engineering Informatics which I will try to apply when their DAE opens today.

Although I already heard that this part-time diploma cannot be used to enter local Universities such as NUS, NTU, SMU.... but I also heard that a bro here got entry to UniSIM with this diploma.

The discussion here will help me determine if I go for this part-time diploma or go for a full-time diploma in Poly. DAE for SP and NYP starts today till 28 Feb, so I will have about less than 4 days to consider which option to take. Therefore, I hope bros or sis here can give me some advises on this part-time course or feedback about the courses in general will be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,
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