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Hi all,

My contribution as follow:

1) Title of degree

--> Bachelor of Management (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)

2) Offering institute (if through distance-learning)

--> APMI ( Asia Pacific Management Institute)

3) Awarding university

--> University of South Australia

4) Length of course

--> 15 months

5) Method of delivery:

--> Part-time
--> Distance-learning
--> Fully-taught by faculty members from uni. 20 hours of lectures for each module. Lessons usually conducted Weekdays ( 6.30pm - 10.30pm) or sat,sun (9.00am - 6pm)

6) Costs

--> Total: S$14,200.
1st installment: S$4600
2nd installment: S$ 3800
3rd - 5th installment: S$3200

7) Program Content

a) Integrated logistics Management
b) Understanding Management and Organizational Behaviour
c) Finance and Investment
d) Comtemporary Human Resource Management
e) Project Planning & Control in Manufacture
f) Managerial Economics
g) Logistics Engineering
h) Supply Chain Management
i) Appliciations in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
j) International Management and Ethics and Values

8) Grading system
P1 : 50 - 55%
P2 : 56 - 64%
Credit - 65% - 74%
Distintion -75% - 84%
High Distinction - 85% & above

This is the 1st intake by UniSA for Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Marking of assignments/exams are strict. It is not unusual to have a few credits and the rest of the class getting P1. I have finished only the 1st 2 modules and currently doing the 3rd and 4th modules. The admin support is ok. ( I still haven't used their services yet.) Assignments are marked by the Lecturers in UniSA. Email support with Lecturers are supplied and results can be checked via UniSA website and so does the on-line library. So far so good, no compliants about the admin or the lecturers.


To add on,

I have just finished the course with UniSA and APMI. Overall i grade the course as revelant and interesting. To those who just want to study hard for exams, submit assignments and pass with degree, pls think again. It is the process of going through and applying what you have learned at school to real life that is more important.

For support wise, APMI has a comprehensive and systemetic approach and students are in their good hands. Overall i would rate the course as 8/10 for student support and acedemic support.


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