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Pro 2 spec isn't really such a monster, it shouldn't really be called Pro 2, but Pro 1.5. Its just the CPU/gpu, kickstand and the display upgrade. The battery is still the same capacity, weight and size is the same, camera same, memory same.... true, haswell improve battery life, but only about 50-70%(2-3hours more) depends on how one use it, haswell is great at idle, not so great at load. performance, its close, maybe the new 1.9GHz maybe better, but nothing to shout about. (Broadwell will be a leap much better)

True, Pro 1 is 1 year old(feb2013), but Pro 2 is already 6months old(Sep2013). But the price difference between the 2 is almost 100% from Pro(promotional price) to Pro2. Pro2 price if we follow US will be at US$999 for the 128GB model, lets add sales tax(GST) that will become US$1068.93 and convert to SGD x 1.27 = SGD$ 1357.54

So singapore's price for the pro 2 128GB will be about $1400 without any covers. The price at the ITshow at $818 that includes touch cover and a extra charger is really a very good deal.
Personally if by April surface 2 won't come, it is goodbye to them:

1. There will be other tablets coming. Lenovo Miix 2 10 inch

2. IPad Pro. While apple senior executive mention there won't be any Ipad with Mac OS, we won't know their surprise. If Apple release IPad Pro with Mac OS, then goodbye to all the tablet makers.

Microsoft tablets are usually not popular as compared to ipad and android tablet. Only reason why they manage to make it is because they are the only tablet which can performs like a laptop using full fledge windows. That explain why RT fail as a product. If Mac OS comes along and priced at $1200. It is goodbye to surface
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