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Hello fitzais and yandaos

My dad is in his late 50s, diabetic and has persistent heart problems. He's been super obsessed with diet but not going down the right path (because of what docs have been telling him all these years etc). He eats like, a huge plate of fruits for lunch (ick) that kind of thing and avoids fats like a plague . I wanna intro him LCHF cuz it's better for both his health and sanity

U all got any great articles on LCHF for seniors and diabetics? I've some google links on my side but wondering if u guys have additional info

In this documentary, the people in the experiment has heart problems.. They mentioned that they felt much better:

hope this little info helps your dad. Is he type 1 or 2?

My mum's TYPE 2 diabetic too.. I understand it's very difficult to convince older generation to change their mind. Will you buy a glucometer to monitor his blood glucose for him as to proof to him lchf works? fish oil supplements are always good for heart I read.
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