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Hello buibuis

My dad is in his late 50s, diabetic and has persistent heart problems. He's been super obsessed with diet but not going down the right path (because of what docs have been telling him all these years etc). He eats like, a huge plate of fruits for lunch (ick) that kind of thing and avoids fats like a plague . I wanna intro him LCHF cuz it's better for both his health and sanity

U all got any great articles on LCHF for seniors and diabetics? I've some google links on my side but wondering if u guys have additional info
i have the exact same problem as u. i cannot change the mindset of my parents. my dad has cardiac problems and one day i went to his heart doctor and challenged his wisdom. but i failed. doctor is obese and has heavy breathing. i am so heart pain for my dad who is taking medicine from this guy.

my parents are chinese educated, but i suck at chinese words on nutrition. if ur parents are too, perhaps u can find chinese articles on lchf. i haven been lucky so far.

besides my dad and me, everyone in my family is obese. i can only hope that they see me make a difference and follow suit.
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