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In this documentary, the people in the experiment has heart problems.. They mentioned that they felt much better:

hope this little info helps your dad. Is he type 1 or 2?

My mum's TYPE 2 diabetic too.. I understand it's very difficult to convince older generation to change their mind. Will you buy a glucometer to monitor his blood glucose for him as to proof to him lchf works? fish oil supplements are always good for heart I read.
Thanks for the videos! Those will help. He's type 2 also... yah lor, after so many years of docs telling him stuff.. Good thing that LCHF is having wider reach for young ppl these days. I wish the older gen won't just dismiss them as "fad diets"

i have the exact same problem as u. i cannot change the mindset of my parents. my dad has cardiac problems and one day i went to his heart doctor and challenged his wisdom. but i failed. doctor is obese and has heavy breathing. i am so heart pain for my dad who is taking medicine from this guy.

my parents are chinese educated, but i suck at chinese words on nutrition. if ur parents are too, perhaps u can find chinese articles on lchf. i haven been lucky so far.

besides my dad and me, everyone in my family is obese. i can only hope that they see me make a difference and follow suit.
Yah exactly. It's working for the younger generation like my 40 y/o bro-in-law (he also cutting down on carbs and eating more healthy fats just by observing my progress) , like you said, the only way is for them to see the difference and determination in us to be convinced. Slowly la, like getting paleo/lchf cookbooks for my mum and sis to follow. I somewhat guilt-trip them by always cooking dinner for myself and not eating their cooking Think they're getting the message
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