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from buibui to fitfit i finally did it!!!!!!!!!!

from 80kg high body fats slim down to 68kg then gain to 72kg , while maintaining and building muscle mass, LCHF has improved my life by a whole mile!

i have better muscle definition and maturity, i dont need to exercises indefinitely just so i will be slim, and never count calories!

Next step in my life will be a much denser body, and embark on a spiritual journey!

all the perspiration, blood, and tears in the dark corners, all the verbal abuses, these experiences have moulded me into who i am today, stronger, faster, sharper than ever.

there are people who think.
there are people who think, and talk.
but only those who think, reflect, say AND practise what they preach, can make a difference.

be a DOER! make you your own statement!

NEW Fapping material!
Strong is one who is quiet & sheds tears for a moment, & then picks up her sword & fight again.
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