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just some updates on the new timing thing, at least for khatib camp, although the briefing by the conducting implies the other camps are following a similar system

Inpro starts at 5pm now.

starting with blue tag as wave 1, roughly 50-60 pax before it closes

after 5.30pm, next is red tag roughly 50-60 pax

after 6pm, next is yellow tag

then green tag (weight lost) + pink tag (in pro after 6.30pm and u still need to do the 20 mins cycling at gym afters))

all group do same exercises except for last wave which is weight lost regime, pink tag follow their exercises.

all waves start warm up as soon as pax is full or timing is reached.

training time is still roughly 2 hours, meaning u come at 5, u still go off at 7 ish.

no wonder recently i just went to khatib camp for ippt & noticed a group outproing at 7++.

anyway does the above colour tag grouping applies for both RT & IPT? as last i rem IPT only allows inpro at 7pm
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