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anyone know when is the part-time diploma application start ah?

btw for full time poly got age limited one.. heard is 24yr old max.. if older than tht quite hard.
I have been offered full-time diploma from NYP and RP and NP during the DAE and my age is 40+ years old. So if have definitely not 24 years old max.

However, I rejected both NYP and RP because not my choice of course and for NP it is my choice but I have to withdraw because I cannot afford the school fee at that time ($1,270) I think per semester.

For this part-time diploma, I was told by NYP it last intake is at OCT so I think application may open from August or September latest. NYP told me to subscribe to their courses offer notification via email so I will not miss the application period. Subscribe to courses offer notification at NYP website.
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