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Got my first quote based on my requirements. $44xx nett. Any guru care to comment whether it's cheap or expensive?

Looking for lobang price for Toshiba system 4. Will be for my new place in Q2. Please PM me.

Looking at 4M26SACV, 1 unit M22SKCV, 1 unit M13SKCV and 2 units M10SKCV.
- 16mm OD x 13mm ID drainage pipe
- Armaflex Class 1 1/2" thk insulation
- 23 SWG (0.61mm thk) copper piping
- Standard HDB installation up to 15M for piping length
- Singapore brand wiring only (please specify brand)
- 3C70 wiring from isolator to condenser
- 3C40 wiring from condenser to FCU
- 2 trip installation
- Please specify warranty terms
- All prices must include GST
0-79:JM | 80-499:M | 500-2499:SM | 2500-4999:MM | 5000-xxxx:A-SM
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