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But some reviews shows that improvement is rather big for battery life between 7hrs to 10 hrs. Do not forget that the processor is also an upgraded version. As of current 3 gen Ivy chipset. If you need that extra juice on the go would it not be better to get surface pro 2 ? 3 to 4 hrs... just outside doing work... the time pass so fast that you be trying to find a power socket.

review 1

review 2 ( like the way they test stuff )

review 3

Maybe those with surface pro 1 and pro 2 already can comment their personal experience more to allow better understanding of the real differences in working on a 3-4 hrs and a 7 to 8hrs surface. This is valuable input as compare to those review I publish above to tally their test.
With the initial launch price of $1328 for the 128gb Pro 1, I suspect the new 128gb Pro2 will also be launch at similar price bracket. That will be $500 difference with current Pro 1 pricing of $818.

Don't think the $500 warranty an improve battery life, better graphics, 2 stage kickstand and slightly faster processor (if SG get the i5-4300U & not i5-4200U).

If you're not into gaming & with the Power Cover coming soon for the added battery juice, the $818 pricing is a real steal for the Pro 1.
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