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Well we were not getting much information out of the "experts", so I had to get one of these to see what was up. I guess others are more polite than I am or something, but I believe people come hear for facts. Here are some facts.

Heavier than you might think, but not to heavy. Might be tough to install on a ladder without some help or planning.

Watch out for the marketing bull from the company on their website and on the box. The box says in big letters that the camera has 3X zoom. It probably does but you can't use it without a lot of effort. The T7833WIP-X3 is the camera with the zoom you can use with software, not this one. Advertising 3X zoom that you can't use without a wrench is very poor customer relations and will come back to bite this company.

I have experience with other Vstarcam's and have had to muck through their bad and non-existent documentation before. This camera is no different. Ok, if all you are going to do is plug it in and log in from your phone it is sweet and easy. Anything else be ready for a challenge. If you could administer all of the parameters and settings of the camera through the phone apps, or super client software, I would give them a pass. You can't. You can do more and adjust more on the camera with the new apps and super client (EYE4), but you can't do it all. You will need the web or network interface.

The EYE4 web interface does not work with the current IE Browser version 11. The extension/plug-in loads but it is not able to use it. To get to the web interface I had to use the FIND software and connect through that. Click on the camera you want then click on open on the right lower side. Have IE Browser as your default browser. On mine (Version 11), after log in I get a jumbled screen. Right click on the blue circle on the top right somewhere and click open in new tab. The new tab on mine opens and works perfectly. Don't even ask how I figured all that out!

I also found out that if Chrome is your default browser it will open and you can choose Server Push Mode and it works fine in lower resolution than IE.

Some good basic instructions on the net in Russian. Use Chrome to translate. (zzzhttp://www. shopoleg. ) Follow the links at the bottom of the page. Only real instructions I could find other than a couple SD card install videos.

Good quality camera, by the way. Once you get it the way you want it it will perform better than most, and the quality image is there like you need. I will stop by when I figure out more on how it operates. If I could just find out the name of one of those cute girls on their corporate youtube video maybe I could schmooz her in to getting me some better support!
Would you like to try EasyN H3-V10R? I can ship you one on the double.
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