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Hey guys I just ORD dec 2013, have to clear IPPT by 30/5/2014 and I just booked it at Kranji FCC on 13/3/2014 (Yes, later today ) and if I cant pass it does it mean I have to squeeze all 20 RT sessions and clear it before 30/5?

Also I have a history of shin splint due to my flat foot, started during the last quarter of my NSF and was referred to specialist and even got insoles for it but doesnt really seem to help, doc said he cant do much also if thats the case. But if say I manage to downgrade and/or permanently excuse lower limb, will they give me specialised IPPT that is excused 2.4km and SBJ but still have to take pull ups and sit ups? Or is it excuse IPPT in general?

EDIT: this is what NS portal is telling me

You have NOT TAKEN your IPPT for the period 11/12/2013 to 30/05/2014.
You have the option to take your IPPT for the period 11/12/2013 to 30/05/2014.

Your next IPPT window will start from 31/05/2014 onwards.

a) Please ATTEMPT and PASS your IPPT by 30/05/2014.

b) You are strongly encouraged to sign up for IPT if you need additional help to train for your IPPT. The first session must commence before 28/02/2014.

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