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ikr.. gonna ignore it.

anw, anyone has some articles to share regards protein vs fats in gym?
my friend who has started gyming is curious why he should give up protein and take in fats instead? if he decides to change to a lchf diet. now his lchp.he said that protein can help to repair muscles?
i showed him this article from pg1 Why Low-Carb Diets Must Be High-Fat

not sure if this the correct 1
go gym a bit different story.. a bit more complicated. depends on how intense his workouts are and his goals.

LCHF is good if just want to get jacked and ripped while maintaining muscle mass.

I think he MUST eat like 90% fats the first month, for the body to switch from glucose burning to fat burning mode. so as to assure that when he starts working out no muscle will be loss.

eat 1.5g/kg of his lean body mass (body weight - body fats) to repair muscles

other stuffs ask the fitzais here bah. i ain't no fitzai.
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