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If you are attempting the part-time diploma @ NYP, when you subscribe to the course they will most likely email you on June to announce their intake. So if the enrollment went well you should be starting your first sem on Oct.

In the meantime best that you can prep yourselves with Networking and Linux/Win administration, it will help you along the way.

Best of luck!

wow really ah... think my lecture dunno but yet anyhow say LOL!

i tot of apply Part-Time Diploma In Infocomm & Digital Media (IT Network & System Administration) offered by NanYang Polytechnic as i am going to grat from Higher Nitec Part time in one mth time... Actually i dont want to go this course yet no other choice as there is only 1 IT course. The another one is more in programming which i think quite hard for me..

Seen the instake is not within this mth or soon..
i think i can take some module course in ITE ahah want to learn something etc ma
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