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ya, temporary using the sleeve case tjkjean bundled together for me
looking into getting the incipio feather snap on case first.
I'm using a sleeve case too.. its great as a ultrabook mode case, but not so nice in tablet mode. As when taking it out to read as a tablet, its naked again.

I read some reviews and on youtube, the incipio feather snap on case is not very well made. Surface Pro 2: Incipio Feather Ultra Thin Snap On Case Review - YouTube

Incipio Case for Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 & Pro - YouTube

Maybe when you get it. you can do a review on it.. (Hopefully they have improved it)

Incipio feather snap on case is not for me as i don't use the cover keyboard. I don't like the feel of both the touch and type cover (feels like the acer keyboard, preferred island keys). So I carry a 3rd party keyboard bluetooth keyboard (like the apple bluetooth keyboard type).
I have ordered the Maroo case. not here yet...
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