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ehhh i got read! haha.
but i dont take alot of rice, noodles and bread maybe its just the pineapple tarts.
i have change for the better now hahaha. im at 30gm per day.

p.s: "Dr. Mary C. Vernon has said that one of the surefire ways of knowing someone is low-carbing correctly is their HDL is above 50 and their triglycerides are under 100." hahaha yay
maybe you think you're eating 30g but reality it's more?

maybe 30g is still too high for you?

you have to experiment on yourself.

your LDL can be lower (assuming that your LDL is not the large particles ones).

some people alternate one day carb one day no carb and it works for them.

people like me must strictly low carb everyday, and cheat 1 day
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