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Total Cholesterol – 326
Total LDL – 246
Total HDL – 65
Triglycerides – 77
Insulin – 5.8

Yes, my total cholesterol is 326 and hopefully now you know why I don’t need to take a statin drug like Lipitor or Crestor to lower it. Check out my HDL/triglyceride ratio. It’s virtually 1-1 and that’s FANTASTIC! Note that my HDL is above 50 and my triglycerides are below 100–a sign that I’m livin’ la vida low-carb 100% right despite my weight gain. So what’s up with the LDL? Is the particle size where it needs to be?

The answer is YES! My doctor said that when he analyzed the LDL subset breakdown, he saw a clear majority of the LDL was the large, fluffy kind that you want to protect against cardiovascular problems and very few if any of the small, dense kind. So, despite my astronomical LDL number, it’s a non-factor. And neither is the total cholesterol. Keep in mind my HDL “good” cholesterol is high like it needs to be, so that contributes to the total number, too.
hmm what particle size ? can see big or small ?
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