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i got this chronic skin issue called psoriasis..

not sure is it ok to continue to eat so much meat as meat is acidic in nature.
I have itchy and flaky scalp that no amt of treatment shampoo can help. I have frequent eczema flare ups and I have hives everyday without fail. I am a walking itch. My whole body has 5 cents, 10 cent marks all over. Oral steroids suppress the itch and the swelling for a while and it starts all over again the next day. Same as steroid cream. I just gave up. Started LCHF on a whim to lose weight and who knows, it suppressed everything I had. I don't itch anymore. My eczema and hives flare up whenever I cheat. So if I do give it to my cravings, I know I have to suffer the consequences. And maybe it's due to my daily consumption of coconut oil, I have very healthy hair. It had sheen to do it and looked as if I just had treatment at hair salon.
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