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Thanks for the explanation...learn something new.....hope mine is the real thing
Any idea how to tell if it's fake?
如何分辨真假活塞耳机?*品对比山寨活塞耳机 - 小米手机官方论坛

I have already emailed Groupons, if it is fake i will cancel my order.
Xiaomi biz model does not include resellers so there wont be resellers/retailers/distributors rate. Since Xiaomi does not allow resellers, the only way to get their products is to buy from Xiaomi website.

Each Xiaomi acct only allows 2 purchases of gold piston. If the seller sold 100 gold pistons, he needs to have 50 accts to buy 100 gold pistion which is already quite troublesome. Takes time and effort which is not profitable..

Xiaomi gold piston costs RMB99 which is around SGD$20. This does NOT include shipping from China to Singapore. For example if we exclude shipping in this case for simple calculation, cost price of 1 gold piston is set at SGD$20.

Groupon commission is 25%, rarely 20% unless the sale v v good and the negotiation is done nicely.

If we take Groupon commission as 20% for simple calculation, since it is sold at $18.90, seller will only earn $15.12. The maths dun seems right as the cost price for 1 gold piston is already SGD$20 without shipping(from china to sg).

And this is excluding the shipping costs, the import tax, the labour/time/effort needed and etc.

So my conclusion based on the above figures highly suggest it is a fake. The conclusion is based on my calculation and assumption and does not represent anybody or any entity. Thank you
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