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Kiefer Q&A: The Carb Nite Solution For Women

"Usually, when your period is the culprit, you won’t even lose the weight you’re talking about during the week. Your period makes it much harder to get that water weight off, and you end up looking and feeling bloated.
nomotivationI think this is all based on estrogen, and the water your body’s trying to hold. Your body is gearing up to have a second life in it. It’s storing more fluids and minerals to prepare both for a child and for more stressful emergency situations. There may even be some fat storage in some cases—although from working with figure competitors, this doesn’t necessarily have to happen, because they’re usually right back on track the following week."
that's why we weigh heavier during period.

(i know, the weighing scale obssession again haha.)
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