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gong xi gong xi. why you use both aeropress and moka pot? for different types of coffee?
still experimenting.

just got the grind for moka pot and espresso machine nia.

tired liao, maybe tmr then i'll unpack the aeropress for usage.

what a coincidence, my hario slim mill just delivered too, last week.

i also bought a french press to make coffee in office.

do you think it's worth it to buy a small electric grinder? this silm mill is a lot of hard work lol.

will electric grinder spoil the flavors of the beans?
you want electric i can sell you cheap cheap (brand new). i got it as a free gift from my espresso machine.

So far i have 2 electric (using the krupp one to grind, a hassle to clean up), just tried the hario, quite exquisite.

those coffeegeeks are lamenting how one should get an expensive grinder. cause grinder affects the quality of the grind and in return, the taste. But I ain't a coffeegeek though.
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