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Not sure if you solved the problem yet.
I had a thumbdrive given to me and my 2 pcs got infected by this "shortcut" malware (some called it trojan - i.e. very dangerous)
Basically, the malware hides all your files and displays only shortcuts to them.
When you click on the shortcut, you unknowingly run a script (in my case 3 files with similarly names like FB_7649.tmp.vbs being one of them).
This then infects the host pc. So whenever you plug in a good thumbdrive, it will immediately infect it.
It was extremely annoying and it took me almost the last 4 days trying to rid it.
I finally got rid of the last of it.
If yours is not solved yet, perhaps I will spend the time to trace the steps that I took since it was a lot of trail and error and complicated.
Anyone kena before .. mind sharing how you get rid of the virus ??
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