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Currently there is no USB dvb-t2 tuner available.

Draco set top box will fit your requirements nicely. About $129.

If your external monitor supports the resolution of the set top box (stb) and the necessary inputs, you can just connect it to the stb directly.

You will still need a separate antenna, suitable ones can be found in this thread:
Monitor only accept progressive input. You can set the Draco STB output to progressive 720p or 1080p. However, as reported in this thread and others, if Draco it set to progressive (1080p), the signal quality will drops significantly. So, if you intend to buy a STB and connect directly to the monitor using 1080p, do not use Draco.

The unusual symptom is very likely due to Draco's hardware board design, it is self-generating interference inside the box, affecting the quality of the signals. I cannot be sure of other STBs if similar symptom occurs, but if it come with the same hardware board design it can suffer the same fate.
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