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Thanks for the comments. I understand your position on the validity of information from a third party, and I would normally disclose my sources, but I have verbally agreed with said source on not disclosing identity or information that leads to identity leakage.

I can only state here on why I deem source to be "reliable", namely the line of work that source is doing is directly related to the discussion, and that source has performed an action which leads me to verify directly the validity of said information. There are parts thereon which may be from personal opinion of source, and as you mentioned, policies can suddenly change, which has the potential to invalidate the information I quoted.

Feel free to take what I quoted with a pinch of salt if you like; I certainly welcome anyone else to prove or disprove it so we can all learn something and know how best to deploy our DVB-T2 setup
Nice exchanage of thoughts. Apparently there isn't much interest in the subject. Nonetheless I will write a few more comments.

As we share our thoughts, another external group of people, but not the only group, that may have good knowledge of the workings in an organisation come to my mind. These are the contractors that carry out works according to instructions from the organisation. These people have good details of actions taken. However, quite often for the same work carried out, it can be the result of different reasons. It is normal for people to rationalise the reason from their own perspective. So the contractors may get it wrong.

Next I turn my attention to the dissemination of information by organisations. MediaCorps FAQ for Digital TV stated that, for HDB residents: "If you do not subscribe to pay TV, you will not be able to receive MediaCorp digital TV signals through the wall socket TV/cable point."

It is recognised that MediaCorp is the expert on broadcast matters in Singapore, whereas HDB is the matv expert with 40 over years of experience. MediaCorp will not on its own come up with this information without the relevant input from HDB.

Sadly, this piece of information has been found inaccurate. See my prediction, which was proven correct and independantly verified by others in this forum. The explanations why it was so follows, in the spoiler.

Of course some people are happy that, for the time being, they are able to watch dvb-t2 without indoor antenna, before the matv is shut down.

Now I turn the attention to the statement, understood to come from a conversation with a reliable source. It is unfortunate that the reliable source won't be here to give us his perspective: "Reception via rooftop antenna for HDB may not work for all blocks with the rooftop antenna as some blocks have a frequency filter...What is not good about it however, is that it blocks digital signals..."

The fact speaks for itself. In spite of filters installed selectively for chan 28, 30 and 30, digital tv signals are still available, as explained in my ealier posts in the spoiler. There is no reason for some matv not to be able to receive chan28, 30 and 32 other than technical reason of the older system unable to support receptions in the UHF band.

The adjacent channel reception/interference is a well known effect for matv. But it doesn't mean everyone in the trade knows/understands it. That was why I was cautious and specially bought a Draco stb to confirm that my analysis was correct.

So I see the mistake by HDB/MediaCorp in saying that digital tv reception is not possible on matv as a careless but genuine mistake. I cannot see there is any intention to mislead.

On switching off of HDB matv eventually, this was an open secret. Since SCV started its roll out in early '90s, every HDB household affected had been individually informed that the matv would be switch off when the SCV roll out was completed. For those who can remember, the letter was signed by officers of HDB and MDA.

With the advent of digital tv, the switch off was delayed to take advantage of new technology. I can see that the matv switch off would be synchronised with the shut down of analogue tv broadcast, coordinated with Asean countries as announced. By then the matv becomes redundant. The switch off is easily achieved by shutting the electricity supply for the matv. There should be joint announcement then, perhaps by HDB/MDA again.

No doubt there is saving for HDB with the shut down for budgetting puposes. But who actually pays if the matv remains? You and me, the taxpayers.

Right, wrong, partially wrong, partially right. Readers decide.
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