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Monitor only accept progressive input. You can set the Draco STB output to progressive 720p or 1080p. However, as reported in this thread and others, if Draco it set to progressive (1080p), the signal quality will drops significantly. So, if you intend to buy a STB and connect directly to the monitor using 1080p, do not use Draco.

I think this applies when the best signal available is still poor.

With my strong matv signal, signal strength/pic quality remain 98/99 with resolution set to 1080p.

If I change to my antique indoor antenna and adjust to a good position, I still can get >92/98 respectively even on 1080p.

However, if I move the antenna to a bad spot, then there is a dramatic improvement in ST/PQ when resolution is set to 1080i which makes reception perfectly acceptible.

Since alifffresto prefers local set, he can try different spots/antenna to get stronger signal.
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