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Hi All,

Can anyone recommend me where to buy aircon from for good workmanship and installation. I am looking to buy Mitsubishi Electric starmex sys 3 as my current sys 3 master bedroom is no longer cold after 5 yrs.

Don't ever buy fujitsu, the aircon authorised company winfinity is dishonest, cut my wire and tell me pcb spoil, 3x eev coil n 2x thermistor need replacement, total damage $685 wo gst.
only my mbr aircon is not cold and yet need to replace so many parts. Fujitsu is not repair friendly accor2ding to another contractor that I engage, he said the pcb is not inverted and difficult to access.

any aircon expert please recommend me a good installer and company to get ME sys3 since everyone recommend ME.

Many thanks in advance.
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