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I now announce the new "time-shifted" services:
To enjoy timesift, perform the following action :
  1. Plug an external mass storage device into the USB port of your digital receiver:
  2. Press the "PAUSE" button on your remote, the video will pause
  3. To resume the video, press "PLAY"
  4. To rewind press the "REW" (or "LEFT") button
  5. To fast forward, press "FF" (or "RIGHT") button
  6. To exit timeshift press "STOP" button
If your digital receivers does not support time-shifted, please check with your nearest dealers/manufacturers for their latest products that support it.

The difficulty of such announcement, when one doesn't have a receiver, is the need to have others to verify it.

Yes, I confirm time shift is available. But not always, depending on the programme on air, an example is as shown in the pic below.

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