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bbIdiot's log

Hello. Create this thread in hope to continue motivating myself and progress my journey.

My routine

- Bench press
- Overhead press
- Bench dips

- Deadlift
- Rows
- Bicep curl

- Squat
- Calf raise
- Crunches

8-10 reps range for all exercises except calf raise which will be 15-20. Total 50 reps.

Day 1: Leg
Day 2: Push
Day 3: Pull
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Repeat with leg

Height 182cm
Weight 70kg

Tomorrow will be my push day.


UPDATED on 17 April 2014

Just saw my old 2 photo of last year. This is my fat loss result.

I took around 2 or 2.5 months to lose fat by diet and gym. Left pic was when I didn't gym for long time. I think it was around 3kg - 4kg loss.

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