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Worst of Tablet (Windows Store severely lacking comparing to Android or iOS)
Worst of Laptop (You can't even run 3rd party desktop apps (Photoshop, WinRAR, AutoCAD etc) since this is promoted as a hybrid)

So indefinitely, this is the worst product of the worst combination.
Get the Surface Pro series instead. At least, the desktop side is much better there.
Well. You are right, but you gotta know why I purchased this crappy s2. I own an ultra book(it's very light alr, but just too big for my bag), I also own a Samsung note 10.1 for my entertainment, and lastly the s2 is just there for me to use the Microsoft Office easily when I'm in school for assignment and presentation.

Thanks for the heads up anyway!! Your remarks are definitely useful when it comes to a person who's looking for his first tablet.

Might be the worst for first time tablet user but not for a person who owns multiple gadgets.

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