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Only for playback "Surface 2 weighs less than 1.5 pounds and is just 8.9mm thin, yet offers up to 10 hours5 of video playback (to get you through that transatlantic flight). You’ll notice improved start-up time, faster content downloads and transfers, enhanced graphics performance, and fuller, richer audio."
The deal breaker for me was the battery life before I bought my surface2.I had asked opinions from my friend who owned surface pro 2. His max batt life was 4hrs but he used it for work in NTU lab so he never far away from power socket.

I also asked YouTube member ianlikesathing, he claimed the different between surface pro and surface pro 2 is the slighltly improved battery life and huge $$ difference. Neglible gaming experice despite the improved chipset.

The last iT show, the deal for surface pro was awesome. Too bad I didn managed to catch it. The battery life is not dat great for tablets if you could imagine less than 4hrs off batt life.

For surface2, the battery life could easily last 2 days. Im using it for my weekly lab report presentations. Multi tasked with different reference reports online, blackboard, occasional youtube, word, pdf and heavy usage for excel. On my best day, it lasted 4 days.
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