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Hi guys,

i just bought 2 powerline adapters, 1 is the sineoji PL600EPG and the other is a TP-link WPA4220 (av 500mbps 300mbps wifi extender). and i set it up as followed:

Zhone Router/ONT --> PL600EPG --> TP-link WPA4220 ---> (via ethernet) PC

They can be paired without much trouble. i went on to perform a speedtest on the pc that is connected to the WPA4220 via ethernet cable (cat 5e), apparently the throughput seems good (90mbps down 90bmps up).

However, when the speedtest is running, about 10sec after starting the test, i realised that the download speed dropped to zero and stayed on for like 5sec before climbing back up to 90mbps. sometimes, in 1 speedtest, the connection dropped to 0kbps like 2 times.

Any idea what causes this instability? or is it because the 2 adapters are of different brands? will it be better if i get a sineoji powerline wireless extender?

Also anyone with sineoji powerline wireless extender, could i enquire about the wireless throughput and signal strength. Is the wireless signal strength strong?
Router=>Sineoji 600=> Sineoji PL500EW=>via Ethernet and wireless

Here is a video with a Sineoji 600 Homeplug connected to the router and the other end is a Sineoji 500 Homeplug with a wireless extender. Speed Test on wired and wireless connected to the Sineoji 500 Mbps Homeplug with wireless, PL500EW.

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