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Router=>Sineoji 600=> Sineoji PL500EW=>via Ethernet and wireless

Here is a video with a Sineoji 600 Homeplug connected to the router and the other end is a Sineoji 500 Homeplug with a wireless extender. Speed Test on wired and wireless connected to the Sineoji 500 Mbps Homeplug with wireless, PL500EW.

Thanks! i went to exchange the TP-LINK WPA4220 with sineoji PL500EW. I found that the upload speed is not as good when using ethernet. With TP-link WPA4220 i am able to fetch 94mbps but PL500EW i'm only able to get 70-75mbps. Download speed appears to be pretty similar for both (>90mbps).

I pair PL600PEG with PL500EW and performed a speedtest, the PL600PEG appeared to be green for all the indicators when the test is at the download phase, however during the upload phase, the PL600PEG turns amber/red light. This wasn't observed when i pair PL600PEG with TP-link WPA4220.

Any idea why this is so? Any way to resolve this issue? i'm new to using powerline/homeplugs. any help would be appreciated. thank you.

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