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Thanks! i went to exchange the TP-LINK WPA4220 with sineoji PL500EW. I found that the upload speed is not as good when using ethernet. With TP-link WPA4220 i am able to fetch 94mbps but PL500EW i'm only able to get 70-75mbps. Download speed appears to be pretty similar for both (>90mbps).

I pair PL600PEG with PL500EW and performed a speedtest, the PL600PEG appeared to be green for all the indicators when the test is at the download phase, however during the upload phase, the PL600PEG turns amber/red light. This wasn't observed when i pair PL600PEG with TP-link WPA4220.

Any idea why this is so? Any way to resolve this issue? i'm new to using powerline/homeplugs. any help would be appreciated. thank you.

You may increase the bandwidth frequency of the PL500EW from 20Mhz to 40 Mhz. There are 3 parameters, 20 Mhz, 20/40Mhz (Auto) and 40 Mhz. Factory defaults is 20 Mhz. This will improve the download and upload speed. IP address for the setup of the PL500EW will be but ensure that you configure a static IP address on your PC 192.168.33.XXX and your subnet mask

If you encounter any difficulty, do give us a call at our hotline as we operate from Mon - Sun from 9 am to 12 midnight.

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