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What makes your homeplug loses sync with each other? My friend placed a 500mbps homeplug at router n 200mbps for 4 ip cameras on a wiring. At first, everything work, within days, each homeplug starts failing and eventually all 4 200mbps loses connectivity with the 500mbps homeplug. Is it something to do with wiring?

Homelugs communicating across powerlines depends on the quality, condition and the noise levels induced. If there is a high noise interference, which can be un-favorable to homeplugs resulting on the below symptoms. You will be surprised that at different times of the day, the bandwidth varies. That explains in the evening, there is always a bottleneck as many electrical appliances will be on including your neighbors as they are identical in the electrical phase.

It puzzled me on the combination, 500 Mbps and 4 units of 200 Mbps ? 200 Mbps Homeplugs across the entire network for 4 IP cameras will be more than sufficient.

It will be best if we can come down on site to evaluate so that we can determine the root cause.

We can arrange an onsite service this evening or any time that will be convenient. Let me know so that I can make the necessary arrangements.


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