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The 500mbps is also used for something else. Tats why 500 sits at the router side. In total, she used 7 x 200mbps. For total 7 cameras. The thing is 4 cams sitting on the same electrical circuit keeps failing whereas the others r still ok.

Now we r testing the wireless instead. Got rid total 5 x 200mbps and used 1 wireless homeplug n a repeater. Now all cams r online. Fingers still crossed tat nothing gets disconnected.

I took back all the 200mbps now and is playing with them around my own house. Btw, Sineoji, for the homeplugs, if i had sync before n then when it loses sync. If I plug 500mbps together with the 200 along a strip of extension cord, they shld sync rite? Cos ours did not n we had to resync all the homeplugs again. I suspect something with the 500mbps homeplug. But no time to test again
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