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I realised my expenditures for meal had doubled ever since i tried to LCHF.

Last time for dinner (for myself and wife) , i buy half chicken + 2 pkts rice from chicken rice stall. $10

Now. Raw Steak only. $20-$30 (depending on cuts)
Or buy western chicken chop. Need about $20 also.

Breakfast. Last time just egg mayo wraps. Now scrambled eggs + bacon.

last time i eat carbs (rice, noodles etc) will feel hungry easily.. in the end spend more money on food.. for example, 1 packet chicken rice + 1 packet noodles for a meal.. then 2 hours later will feel hungry again..

when i started lchf, yea i spend quite alot on meat because starting phase always feel not satisfied. after a week, 2 scrambled eggs (40cents?) can last me from morning to evening. Evening i will cook 1 chicken chop for dinner ($2.20?). so the whole day i only spend $2.60 on food, 1 month only $78
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