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Dear all,

Have started to go back to training approx 5 months ago. No one to turn to nor learn from. Have difficulty in understanding some of the threads created too. Would like to seek some advice on the following routine.

Current aim is to put on more mass.

This is typically my routine every time. Would really hope to receive any form of advice or 'alteration '

I split my work-out into two bodys part on each training.

I separate it as such. Please advice if the intensity/set is sufficient .

Training 1 - Chest/ Triceps

DB Chest Press - 30kg 5 X 5
(alternate with BB 30 KG 5 X 5)

Incline Chest Press - 25 kg 5 X 5
(Alternate with BB 25KG 5 X 5)

Weight differs as at times i feel i can go higher at times i can't.

Flat Flies -12.5/15kg 3 X 10

Dips - 3 x 10

Often at this point i'm pretty weak already .

Machine triceps press 3 X 5-6 reps i think

skullcrusher 3 X 5 at 10kg

I don't know what you call this but i carry the DB and raise it behind my head
3X8 at 15kg/20kg

That's it.

Training 2- Back/ Biceps

Deadlift 90kg 5 x 5
DB Row 4 x 8-12 reps
Lats pull down 3 x 8 (feeling weak)
seated machine row 3 x 8

EZ bar bicep curls 3 x 10 at 10kg/12.5
Hammer Curl 3 X 5-10 at 12.5kg
DB Seated bicep Curl 3 X 5-10 at 12.5kg

That's it

Training 3 - Shoulder

Military press 5x5 30kg
DB press 5x5 27.5/30kg
Side lateral raise 3 X 10 / Seated bent over side raise 3 x 10 both at 10kg/12.5
Plate raise 15 kg 3 x 10

Training 4 - Legs

Squats near parallel to ground 5 x 5 at 60kg
Machine leg press 3 x 8
Calf raise 3 x 8

that's much about it.

Somehow haven't been gaining for a while already.
Appreciate all your input.

Just stopped bulking now @ 174 78.5kg.

Supplement current is just whey protein, creatine, bcaa.
Diet: Recently started being more discipline . Trying to intake more protein and highly cut down on rice intake.

Thanks a lot for your time!

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