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Are you aesthetically-defined at the moment? A picture of yourself would help.

To be big - hypertrophy training. Use weights that let you hit 12-15 reps, 4-5 sets.
To be ripped - you need to lose excess body fat. Contrary to popular belief, fats do not turn into muscle and muscle do not turn into fat. Purely lifting will not allow you to be ripped. HIIT (circuit-lifting) coupled with a caloric deficit will help you burn fats(fast) to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing look.

What I mean by overloading is say for example you bench 20kg a side this week. For the next week, you should progress to say 22.5-25kg per side. That is overload. It will shock your muscles and grow them. Of course there will be a point where you hit your max and plateau, but for somebody who just started, it's time to break those PRs every week dude.

All the best!
Dear Chips

Thank you so much for your kind input.

No not define at all, however over the months i have put up a lot of mass as well as my lifting strength. will get a pic up soon.

So in this instance, should i be starting my cutting phrase? what is the routine for lifting while your cutting? still remain as SL 5 x 5?

When do we know it's time to change to hypertrophy lifting? how do we define that our starting strength is good to go?

Overloading, Now i would bench 5x5 30kg each side. however at the fifth rep of the 4th/5th set at times i would need someone to slighly push it up for me at the top. At this instance do i still overload or just remain at 30kg the next time i lift?
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