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I'm sorry that you have speed problems with our service. Our service is fast in most ports of the word and we have lots of customers from Singapore. Astrill is one of preferred services among Singapore customers which you can easily check by googling. Therefore, I'm not sure why you have speed issues. If the speed gets throttled over time - it's apparently caused by your ISP doing some nasty things. This is something we cannot fix. International bandwidth in Singapore is expensive and your ISP doesn't guarantee it. All you get is fast speed within the country. Please try to switch to TCP protocol and ports like 443 and 80 to avoid ISP throttling.

If your PC is connected wirelessly, try to connect it via LAN cable. Weak WiFi connection can cause speed degradation. If you have some packet optimizers like CFosSpeed or similar network shaping software - it can degrade speed in most cases, so I recommend you to remove any such software. If the speed was good during your trial, there is no reason why it would be slow now - at least not caused by Astrill. Either your ISP did some changes (enabled throttling for your account due to excessive international traffic usage) or you made some changes to your PC (e.g installed some new software).

If you use video streaming based on P2P and connect to our Netherlands server however most of the peers are outside of the Netherlands, how can you expect fast speeds ? This is not the fault of our service, but underlying P2P technology.

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, all sales are final - which is explained in our Refund Policy which you have read and accepted during signup. We can only assist you with issues caused by our service. If the problem is not at our end, we can give only advices. I can only assure you that our network works without issues. All our Netherlands servers are on gigabit connections and there is many servers in the cluster. Our load is below 30% most of the time and speeds are blazingly fast in the whole Europe, USA, Canada. I cannot speak for Asian countries as most of them lack international bandwidth. There is a speed test tool in Help menu which you can use to find server which is fastest for your location.

If you need further assistance, please get back to us.

Best Regards,
Astrill Level3 Support
Disappointed after i paid. Gave my whole computer and router settings for them to fix through TeamViewer, took 3whole hours, they messed up my computer configurations instead...

They do not take responsibilities at all. And when i tried to find their governing body, it's NOT under the US LAW!

Don't sign up for Astrill. It's really horrifying. Their service is one of the worst i've seen, it may seem good at first with easy questions, but when they can't fix it, they blame everything on the consumers instead. What a douche.
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