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Disappointed after i paid. Gave my whole computer and router settings for them to fix through TeamViewer, took 3whole hours, they messed up my computer configurations instead...

They do not take responsibilities at all. And when i tried to find their governing body, it's NOT under the US LAW!

Don't sign up for Astrill. It's really horrifying. Their service is one of the worst i've seen, it may seem good at first with easy questions, but when they can't fix it, they blame everything on the consumers instead. What a douche.
Not sure what you were trying to do with their VPN servers but it helps to choose the correct country's server for streaming video that is hosted in that particular country.

Personally, I've been very impressed with their servers for the media streaming capability that I've actually just added on the Home Plan option @ US$5 / mth so that I can have more connections to their various servers.

BTW, I'll never allow anyone to bypass my firewall much less gain access to my PC via Teamviewer.
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