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I will try to look for some cables and maybe DIY with the connector head. May i check if those electrical wire will work? Like those black/red insulation cables (inside is probably also strains of copper wires)
If you have spare electrical cable, no harm trying. Untwist about 12 cm of the cable to form the "T". No need to strip the insulation. Right now I don't have a male IEC plug for the tv connection to test out. Will try to improvise one when I am in the mood.
Yes, indeed it works. Because the cables are not stiff, I have to use scotch tape to hold down the black and red cables to form the "T" on a wooden ruler.

Below are the results, using Draco stb:
  • Chan 27 >90/98 (Signal Intensity/Pic Quality)
  • Chan 29 >90/98
  • Chan 31 >90/98
  • Chan 33 >90/98
  • Chan 38 ~90/98
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